Engine Mount Insert

kr 520,00
Nr 20 on diagram. Requires 2 per car. PFF5-5452 Engine Mount Insertisa two-piece kit made using our Red65A durometer material, designed to fill the voiding of the OE rubber mount to limit drivetrain movement and sharpen throttle response on standard or mildly tuned vehicles. Mount rigidity is increased by 100%. A small increase inNVH, usually at idle, should be expected when stiffening the connecting mount between the engine/transmission and chassis. The harder the material used, the greater the NVH transmitted.

Front Radius Arm Bush Caster Adjustable

kr 1.420,00
Nr 1 on diagram. Requires 2 per car. PFF5-2501G Front radius Arm Bush Caster Adjustable performs as the non-adjustable bush while allowing +/- 0.75 of on-car caster adjustment, improving turn-in and steering feel whilst correcting and steering pull.

Front Radius Arm Bush

kr 1.250,00
Nr 1 on diagram. Requires 2 per car. PFF5-2501 Front Radius Arm Bush is made using our Black 95A durometer material and supplied with outer shells to increase stiffness by up to 300%, controlling longitudinal wheel movement under braking, cornering and improving longer-term durability.